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Published Compositions by Lana Walter
Welcome Love: Four Settings of 17th Century Love Poetry, SSA, Treble Clef Music Press, 2004
   1. A Welcome TC-236 (poetry by William Browne, of Tavistock)
   2. The Mad Maid's Song TC-237 (poetry by Robert Herrick)
    3. To My Dear and Loving Husband TC-238 (poetry by Anne Bradstreet) 
   4. Pack, Clouds, Away! TC- 239 (poetry by Thomas Heywood)
Magnificat, SSA divisi, a cappella, Treble Clef Music Press TC-190, 2001
It Ain't Gonna Rain, 2-part, Alliance Publications, Inc. AP-1275, 2001
Pax Hominibus, 3-part mixed, Alliance Publications, Inc. AP-1274, 2001
Alleluia!, 2-part, Alliance Publications, Inc. AP-1276, 2001 
Gaudete! Gaudete!, SSA, Treble Clef Music Press, TC-176, 2000
Puer nobis nascitur, SSAA, Treble Clef Music Press, TC-173, 2000
Colorado Trail, TTBB, Alliance Publications, Inc. AP-1214, 2000
Midwinter, SSAA, Alliance Publications, Inc. AP-1213, 1999
Three English Carols, SA, Alliance Publications, Inc. AP-1215, 1999
   1. Boar's Head Carol
   2. Past Three O'Clock
   3. Holly Carols
Petite Mass, SSA, Treble Clef Music Press, TC-140, 1998
The Old Woman In a BasketSSA, Treble Clef Music Press, TC-147, 1998
Elizabeth's "Ave", SSA, Treble Clef Music Press, TC-141, 1998
Christmas Is Coming, SSA, Treble Clef Music Press, TC-122, 1997
Flow Gently, Sweet Afton, SSA, Treble Clef Music Press, TC-126, 1997
One Day By the River A Young Cossack Roamed, 3-part, Boosey & Hawkes, OCTB6899, 1997 (Russian folk song)
Tina Singu, SATB, Warner Brothers, SV9625, 1996 (folk song from Basutoland/Lesotho)
Ning Wendete, SSA, Warner Brothers, SV9627, 1996 (traditional song from Kenya) 
Ophelia Letter Blow 'Way, 2-part/3-part, Warner Brothers, SV9654, 1996 (folk song from Trinidad)
Mangwani Mpulele, 2-part/3-part, Warner Brothers, SV9521, 1995 (Zulu folksong from Theodore Bikel)
Song For Mother Earth, 2-part/3-part, Warner Brothers, SV9523, 1995 (Native American chants)
Born Today Is the Holy Child, 2-part, CPP/Belwin, BSC00281, 1994 (2 French carols)

Chatter With the Angels, 2-part/3-part, CPP/Belwin, BSC00209, 1992 (American spirituals) 

This Endris Night, SSAA, CPP/Belwin, BSC00189, 1991

Noel! Noel!, SATB, CPP/Belwin, SV9164, 1991

Hush, My Babe, Lie Still and Slumber, SSA, CPP/Belwin, BSC00132, 1990 (text by Isaac Watts)

Farewell, My Own True Love, vocal solo in Solo Songs For Young Voices, CPP/Belwin, SVB00101, 1990

Sing We Noel, 2-part, CPP/Belwin, SV8951, 1989 

How Far Is It To Bethlehem?, SATB, Studio PR, SV8803, 1988 (English carol)

Christmas Bells, 2-part, Studio PR, SV8708, 1987

Merry Christmas Waltz, 2-part, Studio PR, SV8709, 1987

Music Brings Us Together, SATB, Jenson, 423-13104, 1987 (with Jane Foster Knox)

Music Brings Us Together, 2-part, Jenson, 423-13092, 1987 (with Jane Foster Knox)

Gloria In Excelsis Deo, SATB, Studio PR, SV8735, 1987

Make A Joyful Noise, 3-part mixed, Studio PR, SV8642, 1986

I'm Gonna Sing, SSA, Studio PR, SV8611, 1986

I'm Gonna Sing, SAB, Studio PR, SV8612, 1986

Music Is Full Of Dreams, 2-part, Studio PR, SV8606, 1986

Welcome the Child, 2-part, Jenson, 423-23062, 1986 (with Jane Foster Knox)

Our World, 2-part, Jenson, 423-15062, 1985 (with Jane Foster Knox)