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Music for Adults and Children
Welcome to my website. You can view here a list of my published compositions.  You can also see what else I've been up to, other titles and genres I have written, and ultimately purchase material from me directly.  If you have questions or comments, I will be happy to receive and respond to e-mails.  If items appear as "pending" and you would like to have access to them soon, let me know and I will expedite their completion.

I enjoy serving the needs of the elementary education community, and also the adult choral community.  I hope this site will enable me to communicate directly with people who use my music so that I may address your needs in my creative output.

I retired in 2007 from a full time elementary music teaching job, for which I did a lot of composition work.  In addition to writing and arranging for my choirs I also wrote and produced at least three musical performances each year.  Many of these are about topics that are in the grade-level classroom curricula, which got great buy-in from the classroom teachers, and were very fun for me to write because I got to learn so much while I was writing them, while I was also honing my skills at writing for children's voices.

April, 2017  Update:
    Early this spring I completed commissioned compositions for two fine women's choirs.  For Fire, in Charlottesville, Virginia, directed by Linda L. Hanson I did a setting of "Iudicium verum iudicate." For Voix de Femmes in Silver Spring, Maryland, directed by Annick Kanter-Saint Hubert, I wrote a piece called "We Rise!" which is the story of women's journey through history.  I look forward to hearing these works as they emerge from rehearsal  It's always a joy to be contacted by and work with interesting, talented, and dedicated directors who want to feature new work with their groups, and I'm grateful to be considered for these jobs.
The "Lux Aeterna" mentioned just below is being performed again this May in Chapel Hill, North Carolina by the fine group Women's Voices Chorus, directed by Allan Friedman.  Information here.

Spring Concert May 7
Composer Spotlight: Lana Walter

To avoid lines on concert day, buy your tickets early for our next concert, Bridge of Songs. We will sing of the borders that mark our world: those between countries and between youth and experience, slavery and freedom, life and death. 
The concert will feature canonical works by Rachmaninoff, Tschesnokoff, and Schubert and contemporary pieces by female composers, among them Oregon-based Lana Walter. In May she will fly to Chapel Hill to work with the chorus on her setting of "Lux Aeterna" and be our special guest at the concert. "I set out to write one of those lovely luminous pieces about light, full of nice harmonies and tone colors," Walter says. "But what came out was quick rhythmic stuff. I realized that light is energy and energy is motion. So I started thinking of the 'lux' in this piece as energy being transmitted by molecules dancing with each other." Don't miss our performance of this incredible work—or your chance to meet the composer in person.
Bridge of Songs
May 7, 2017, at 3:00 pm
University United Methodist Church
150 E. Franklin St., Chapel Hill    
A prior serious composition, "Lux Aeterna," was commissioned by the Washington Women's Ensemble in Washington, D.C., and was completed in early fall of 2010.  It is available for preview and purchase from me.  Prior to that I wrote for the Women's Voices Chorus in Durham/Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  One of their wonderful second altos commissioned me to write music to commemorate her mother, who had passed away in 2006.  The work was in 3 parts and was entitled "Sparks of Divinity."  It was premiered in the Duke Chapel on May 1, 2010, and I was thrilled and honored to be in attendance.  
I am also pleased to announce the performances of two more of my commissioned works, freshly minted this spring!  They are as follows:
Sunday, May 14 a performance by Fire in Charlottesville, Virginia.  The performance is at 3:30 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church, 500 Park Street, in Charlottesville.  My work is titled, "Iudicium verum iudicate."  Anyone who wants more information about this performance or this group, their website is http://firesingscharlottesville.wordpress.com/ 
Then,  Sunday, May 28, Voix de Femmes will perform a concert entitled, "We Are Our Mothers' Daughters" at 4 p.m. at the Resurrection Catholic Church in Burtonsville, MD.  This group will perform my piece "We Rise," which they commissioned this winter/spring.  The concert will be repeated at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 30 at Riderwood Chapel, 3140 Gracefield Rd., Silver Spring, MD.  For more information on these programs or this group, go to voixdefemmes.us